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About Us
Your pet's needs come first. 
There's no real way around it. That's why you're reading this, wondering if you should pick up the phone and call, text me, or send me an email. 
Why should you hire me? What sets me apart? 
I'm experienced with many different types of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles. Previous professional work experience as as a stable hand and in a shelter setting as a kennel tech.  DCPS is Veteran Owned & Operated (USAF).
Currently enrolled:
Penn Foster's Veterinary Technician Program
Courses Completed:
Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Trainer Foundation course 10/15
Animal Training & Pet Sitting (w/ Distinction) - Holly & Hugo 12/15
Pet First Aid & CPR (w/ Distinction) - Holly & Hugo 12/15
Seminar's Attended:
HSUS Rethinking the Cat - Adoptable Cat track (October 2015 Phoenix, AZ) 
Animal-related books read:
Jelly Bean Vs. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Written for the Safety of Our Children and the Welfare of Our Dogs by C.W. Meisterfeld
Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs by Grisha Stewart
The Cautious Canine-How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears
by Patricia B. McConnell
The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter than You Think
by Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods 
It's Not the Dogs it's the People: A Dog Trainers Guide to Training Humans by Nicole Wilde 
The Human Half of Dog Training: Collaborating with Clients to Get Results  by Risee Vanfleet
Beware the Straw Man: The Science Dog Explores Dog Training Fact & Fiction by Linda P. Case
The Ethical Dog Trainer: A Practical Guide for Canine Professionals by Jim Barry
So You Want to Be a Dog Trainer: A Step-By-Step Guide by Nicole Wilde 
How Dogs Learn by Mary R. Burch
Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor
The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs by Jean Donaldson
Oh Behave!: Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker  by Jean Donaldson
Desert Canyon Pet Services was launched in 2015 as a way to combine passion with purpose. We know there is a serious lack of quality, professional pet care offered and we set ourselves above and beyond our competitors by our training, experience, and mem-bership in various trade organizations. We are always interested in continuing our education so we can offer you the most updated and relevant techniques in the pet care industry.