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Pet Waste Removal
This is for someone who just doesn't want to deal with having to pick up after the dog. And that's where we come in. We have no such issues and are more than happy to come into the backyard, pick up after your pets, and throw away the bag afterwards. We even clean kitty litter boxes too! This can be a stand-alone service or is included in any of our pet sitting packages. 
Scooping by itself is a simple 15 to 30 minute appointment and we would need access to the backyard.  We offer several different packages from one-time scoops to daily visits.  Our rates don't depend on the number of dogs, but the amount of time required to clean everything up.   If you sign up for a daily, weekly, bi-weekly service we do require you to schedule a free meet-n-greet in order to get to know your pets and to get to know you as well as receive your instructions.  
We are a local, independent business with people who live and work in the area and will give you personalized, honest care of your pets, no matter the level of care required.  We provide the bags and bring the scooper! 
If you are a town, apartment/condo association, or trailer park that accepts pets or a just a place that wants the passer-by to have a place to pick up after their dog we can design and work with you to set up pet waste removal stations.  Your residents and their pets will have easy access to a place to get doggie bags as well as a place to dispose of them. We then come by at least a couple times a week and empty the bin, put a fresh bag in, as well as replenish any doggie bags. We use DOGIPOT for all our waste products!
Rates: $8.00 per dog per week (1 vist/week). Discounts for multiple dogs and multiple visits.